Who We Are

Atacama consulting is a leading Environmental Consultancy firm based in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa, that was established in 2004. The firm and its partners are duly registered as environmental practitioners with Uganda’s National Environment Management Authority.

The firm has successfully carried out consultancy assignments in the public and private sectors for a number of clientele that include; multinational corporations, International development organisations, among others.

Sustainable performance and professionalism remains at the heart of our service delivery, which in turn has consistently resulted in superior business performance. However, we also realise that the global environmental challenges that nations are faced with, call for “new age” environmental management solutions. Therefore, we are always striving to bring about breakthrough innovations regardless of the inherent challenges.

To remain an environmental consultancy firm that provides progressive services both locally and internationally, whilst promoting sustainable environmental solutions
To continue providing clients with a range of technical environmental consultancy services